Our approach to sustainability is demonstrated across all we do. Our commitment to you, our consumers, needs to be seen in light to our ongoing commitment to the environment and to a sustainable farming future in the Orange Region.

Over the past decade orchard numbers have decreased as well as area used for orcharding. Our orchards have grown larger however and as a result, we need to be more efficient with all our available resources to continue meeting our commitments.

In the mid 1980’s our integrated pest management system was considered revolutionary as we actively phased out many traditional pesticides and replaced them with more natural control mechanisms such as predatory mites.

Several years later came a totally new way of dealing with the dreaded codling moth – the moth that can lead to the “grub in the apple”. Utilised across many Orange orchards is a pheromone mating disruption mechanism that almost entirely eradicates the need for further chemical spray treatment.

Drip irrigation and water harvesting are more recent mechanisms to control water usage while hail netting, while not only reducing evaporation from our land, also helps us limit fruit damage during the key fruit maturing periods.

Research into even greater sustainability practices is ongoing and while we will continue to be at the forefront of adopting new technology, in the meantime you can be assured that fruit from the Orange Region has been kissed by nature each and every step of the way.

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