'Orange' Apple Cake

Rhonda Doyle's

My favourite variety is Golden Delicious because Golden Delicious is like a fine wine, a beautiful balance between sweetness and acidity and is so versatile in that it's a lovely eating as well as a cooking apple.

But if I've overindulged the night before (like too much ice cream,) I find the bracing acidity of a Granny Smith the best morning stomach settler.

Orange Apple CakeIngredients

120 gms eggs
100 gms olive oil (Paling Yard olive oil)
100 gms honey stronger than yellow box
150 gms sr flour
2 T baking powder
1 grated Granny Smith medium sized apple (skin on or chopped finely in the blender)

Topping (optional)

Saute 1.5 chopped apples in 1T olive oil then deglaze with 1T verjuice and 2T honey and cook down till the honey is caramelised. Cool and place evenly on top of mixture as it goes into the oven. 

Sprinkle topping with cinnamon (optional).


Blend eggs, olive oil, honey and baking powder. Fold in sifted flour and grated apple.

Put in tin and cook at 180 degrees Celsius until it's well brown on top turning around if your oven cooks and browns unevenly. Total cooking time is 40 mins +

This recipe avoids dairy and nuts but cracked hazelnuts on top and/or ground, substituted for some flour would be great.


  • Heat some more honey and apply extra glaze on top if you like
  • Serve with cream or yoghurt, or a mixture of the two.
  • Try apple caramel, (juice a number of apples and boil down juice ‘till it caramelises)
  • Make an upside down apple cake for a dinner party with the caramel into the base first, sliced apples topped with cake mixture, baked then upturned and served.

About Rhonda

Together with Stephen Doyle, Rhonda is a founder of Bloodwood Wines and F.O.O.D (Food of Orange District).

'The region is cool so it's a fabulous winegrowing area as well as providing good sleeping weather. An abundance of fresh apples is a joy. You always have a ready snack, can make something out of them easily both savoury and sweet and it has meant that I get to talk to the growers, all lovely fellows, salt of the earth characters including Bruce and Edna Williams (sadly both deceased) and Max Davidson of Hillside Orchards.'

'Max is a very generous man who has been donating apples for good causes I've been involved with for over 20 years. I never have to shop for them in impersonal supermarkets and suffer that floury battered and bruised taste.'

'You can cut an apple in season and it doesn't oxidize for 24 hours. The experience of eating a tree ripened apple demands your attention. No mindless munching here. You actually have to exercise your jaw with all the crispness and crunchiness and then comes the juiciness with the sweetness and acidity. Fresh apples are almost too flavoursome and too overwhelming to eat, almost...'

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