Chicken Breast with Apple Stuffing

Rhonda Doyle's

You can cut an apple in season and it doesn't oxidize for 24 hours. The experience of eating a tree ripened apple demands your attention. No mindless munching here.

You actually have to exercise your jaw with all the crispness and crunchiness and then comes the juiciness with the sweetness and acidity. Fresh apples are almost too flavoursome and too overwhelming to eat, almost...


4 chicken breasts (slit almost in half to butterfly) (can remove tenderloins for tomorrow's salad)
2 green apples
4 rashers bacon (or prosciutto)
1T olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Mustard Sauce

1 cleaned and sliced leek
2T seeded mustard (to taste)
splash of water and cream (optional)


Place apple slices inside the pocket, wrap the bacon around the chicken. Secure with toothpicks.

Sauté in a pan with the olive oil. Depending on thickness of the chicken, fry on one side for 4 minutes then turn them over, add the leek, the seeded mustard and then the water. Put on the lid and turn the heat down or remove and finish in the oven. Serve when the chicken is cooked through its thickest part.

Serve with boiled herb potatoes, zucchini or spinach (sautéed in hot garlic oil) and carrots

NEXT DAY LUNCH: Chicken and Red Apple Salad

Take the 4 tenderloins and cut in pieces for cooking. (Notice the grain.) Sauté gently in olive oil ‘til cooked.

Slice one large or 2 small cored red apples, 2 large stalk celery and 1 capsicum and a few sliced radishes. (Add walnuts if not allergic) and rocket for greens or a bunch of watercress.

Yoghurt dressing with salt and pepper and lemon juice and some mustard.

About Rhonda

Together with Stephen Doyle, Rhonda is a founder of Bloodwood Wines and F.O.O.D (Food of Orange District).

'The region is cool so it's a fabulous winegrowing area as well as providing good sleeping weather. An abundance of fresh apples is a joy. You always have a ready snack, can make something out of them easily both savoury and sweet and it has meant that I get to talk to the growers, all lovely fellows, salt of the earth characters including Bruce and Edna Williams (sadly both deceased) and Max Davidson of Hillside Orchards.'

'Max is a very generous man who has been donating apples for good causes I've been involved with for over 20 years. I never have to shop for them in impersonal supermarkets and suffer that floury battered and bruised taste.'

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