Apple Tarte Tatin with Fig Leaf Icecream

Simonn Hawke's

Growing up on our family orchard ‘Luxulyan' (named after Cornish Hawke family settlers) provided me with years of free apple tastings & a real living insight into the workings of the apple industry in the Orange region.

Simonn HawkeMy recipe is a simple family favorite with a bit of restaurant refinement. It serves 6 to 8.


Fig Leaf Icecream

800ml milk
500g sugar
10 egg yolks
10 fig leaves
200ml water

Apple Tarte Tatin

4 large Orange grown granny smith apples (or old fashioned 20 ouncers...if you can source them)
1 cup of caster sugar + 100 mls water
a sheet of puff pastry
1 egg whisked with a touch of milk (egg wash)
a nice heavy cast iron or similar oven proof pan


Fig Leaf Ice Cream

Simmer milk + 250g of sugar & water together to approximately 90 degrees
Pour over chopped Fig Leaves and infuse for 30 minutes
Cook egg yolks And remaining sugar over a pot of boiling water in a stainless bowl (make sure the bowl is not touching the water) and whisk your sabayon until light & fluffy 
Pour the strained fig liquid onto the sabayon & cook the custard further until it coats the back of your spoon
Cool over an ice bath & then churn in an ice cream machine

Apple Tarte Tatin

Peel & slice the apples into attractive wedges
Caramelise the sugar and water in cast iron pan until lightly golden 
Arrange the apple slices onto the caramel
Lay a round of puff over the top of the apples & brush with egg wash
Place in 180 degree oven until puff is cooked
Remove from oven & allow to cool slightly
Turn out onto plate so the apples & caramel are facing up.

Slice & serve with cream & the fig leaf ice cream. ENJOY!!


Simonn Hawke, with partner Leah Moffitt, own and operate Lolli Redini Restaurant in Sale St. Orange.