Tim and Peter West

Orchard 'Balmoral', Canobolas Road, Orange
History 5th Generation
Main Crop Apples
Main Varieties Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Cameo, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Lappin (cherry), Kordia (cherry), Sweetheart (cherry), Van (cherry)

The WestsBrothers Tim & Peter West are 5th generation orchardists on the “Balmoral” property. Perched on the eastern ranges of Towac Valley, the orchard still operates on the typical West ethos – the work is never done. With apples the mainstay and a growing focus on cherries, the West’s have seen it all over the years from the crippling drought of the early 80s, 1986’s devastating hailstorm and regular cherry crop wipeouts.

Tim & Peter are descendants of great grandfather & founder of “Balmoral”, William West, grandfather Harold (HJA or Jack) West and father John West who was in partnership with his brother Ted.

The commitment still burns bright though and their love of the land is evident in the way they are always looking for ways to improve their orchards. Tim and wife Jayne have 3 children and they are already showing signs that the West dynasty is a long way from over on the land known as “Balmoral”.