Ross Pearce

Orchard 'Mirrabooka', Ophir Road, Orange
History 3rd Generation
Main Crop Apples
Main Varieties Gala, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Red Delicious

Ross Pearce always knew what he wanted to be - growing up on the Mirrabooka orchard on the north/east outskirts of Orange, Ross attended Sydney University to study agricultural science.

After completing university, Ross moved straight back to the orchard and slowly transitioned into full-time orchardist under the tutelage of his father Rob. Married to Lucy, who's family were dairy farmers, and with a young son Hugo, Ross sees his biggest risk in any given year as hail. Currently they have close to 60 acres of the orchard under hailnet and the plan is, in time to have all 94 acres of their apples covered.

Orcharding runs through the Pearce blood and there's little doubt the only major orcharding operation on the north/east of Orange will remain in the Pearce family for many years to come.