Peter McClymont

Orchard 'Coilsfield', Forest Rd. Springside
History 4th Generation
Main Crop Apples
Main Varieties Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith

Originally a mixed farm on the south side of Orange, "Coilsfield" got its name from famous Scottish poet, Robbie Burns' birthplace. Since the early 1980's, 64 hectares of "Coilsfield", under the watchful eye of Peter McClymont has been dedicated to producing beautiful, high altitude apples.

With wife Susie and their 4 children, the McClymonts have built their family around the orchard and hope that one day soon they can pass the orchard onto the 5th generation.

Peter is a no-nonsense orchardist who prides himself on getting the basics right all the time.