Ian Pearce

Orchard 'Stoneleigh', Ophir Road, Orange
History 3rd Generation
Main Crop Apples
Main Varieties Gala, Jonathon, Red Delicious, Pink Lady

The Pearce FamilyIan & wife Pru rarely get time to put the feet up.

Between their 163 acre Mirrabooka/Stoneleigh property and their 3 young boys, downtime is close to non-existent, however they say they wouldn't have it any other way.

Adjoining brother Ross' "Mirrabooka" orchard, together they are producing serious volumes of quality fruit while all the while striving to make their orchards more environmentally sustainable.

It's evident that their father Rob has made an indelible impression on Ian, and while orcharding was secondary for awhile, it was almost inevitable that he eventually returned to the farm to continue Rob's tradition.