Bernard Hall

Orchard “Carnaervon”, Canobolas Road, Orange
History 2nd Generation
Main Crop Apples and Cherries
Main Varieties Galas, Red Delicious, Fuji, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Kordia (cherry), Sweetheart (cherry)

The Hall FamilyRarely do you see the smile slip from Bernard Hall's face. The self-professed "glass half full" orchardist is in it for the long haul - the recent investment he has made in his packing shed is testament to this fact.

Bernard and wife Fiona along with their 3 children live & work on "Caernarvon", formerly part of the West's orchards. Since taking over the property in 2000, Bernard has made his intentions clear - to make "Caernarvon" synonymous with top quality fruit and you can tell by his ever-present wry smile that he's going to enjoy himself every step of the way.

Bernard and his brother Tim learnt the ropes while working his father's orchard, "Bonny Glen" also situated on the outskirts of Orange.