The main consumer cherry varieties we produce include:


Originated at Summerland in Canada, from a Van and Stella variety cross. The fruit is large, round–heart shaped, with dark red–mahogany skin. It has good flavour with red flesh that is firm and juicy.

Available mid December to January


This Van cross originated at Summerland in Canada. Fruit size is medium–large with a round shape, firm, but susceptible to cracking. The skin is red–mahogany with red flesh. This late-season cherry is gaining market acceptance and is only available in Australia through licensed nurseries.

Available December / January


This variety came from the Czech Republic and features medium–large heart-shaped fruit with a dark-red skin and a red flesh. It blossoms late in the season and matures mid–late season.

Available from early December


Some say Van is the best tasting cherry of them all! It is a stocky, short stemmed, shiny red commercial cherry produced in volume. It has moderate sugar levels tending towards a spicy flavour. Much sought after cherry.

Available from December to early February