Our Fruit

While we have all the right ingredients to produce top quality fruit, like farming the world over, we rely on mother nature to play her part. Sometimes she's kind, sometimes she's not.

While the latter is always disappointing, it only serves to steel our determination the following year to carry on and produce a crop that outshines the last.

Our fruit benefit from high altitude, cool winters, mild summers and rich basalt soils derived from Mount Canobolas - a volcano many many years ago. Some of our orchards sit over 1,000m above sea level making us one of the highest orcharding districts in Australia. If our fruit could talk, they would tell us they love calling Orange home.

It fills one with a fruit bin sized sense of achievement to see a semi-trailer load of fully packaged fruit from our orchard being sent off to market. While happy to be accused of bias, we are in no shadow of a doubt that our fruit excels over any other and, handled appropriately, we are confident you, the consumer, will notice the difference.

That difference can be attributed to one extra ingredient that our heroes inject every day - passion.

Our Fruit